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Kate Tilton connects authors and readers by providing a community and resources for both. Kate Tilton, Connecting Authors & Readers focuses on social media tips, publishing advice, book maketing how-tos, writing tips, the weekly Twitter chat #K8Chat, book reviews, author gif interviews, and so much more. Kate invites all authors and readers to join in and connect with each other on #K8Chat and the Kate Tilton’s Book Bloggers group. Kate’s proudest achievement on her blog is the extensive resources for both authors and readers to use and enjoy.

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Keeping to the Gospel Truth: Never Lie to Readers by Will Van Stone Jr

Keeping to the Gospel Truth: Never Lie to Readers

Ever seen Dogma? Remember that part about how if God is ever proven wrong, the entire universe goes all kaboom and creation is uncreated? Replace “God” with “author” and you get the same result; if any of your narrative contradicts any other part of your narrative, everything dies and you fail. Yea, no, there’s no […]

GIF Interview KM Randall

Gif Interview with K.M. Randall

Today I am pleased to have K.M. Randall with us for a gif interview! In case you are new to the site, a gif interview is where the author is only allowed to answer my questions using gifs or pictures. I hope you enjoy it! Hello K.M. Randall and welcome to the blog! (Labyrinth owned by Sony […]

Gabriela Pereira

Building Your Platform with Gabriela Pereira – #K8Chat

#K8chat is a weekly chat for authors AND readers. Every week we join together to talk about a new book/publishing topic, usually with an awesome special guest and prizes! #k8chat is held every Thursday at 9pm Eastern. You can check out our previous chats log on the #K8chat page. This week on #K8chat I (@K8Tilton) […]